Thursday, March 03, 2011

Welcome back World

Or is it the blogging world and my two-and-a-half readers who welcome me back? Regardless. I hope to blog about once a week. Sometimes when so much is happening I go into survival and shut-down mode. There was leaving Geneva and my friends, the packing, the moving, our things that arrived in three installments, a vacation in India in the middle of it all, a wonderful birthday. And the worst winter I have ever experienced and I've been in some bad winter situations...but this New England winter was history making and one for the record books. But I survived it all! And I am still here. So...yay!

And trying to settle into life in Concord. You know I still haven't been to the Alcott House or to Walden Pond. I guess I was hibernating for the winter. But as the snow piles grow ever shorter and the day becomes just a little bit longer... I am starting to come out of my hiatus.

Here's to 2011, to my new life, to all whom I love...and just to life in general. More later.

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Melissa Miller said...

Hi Jawahara,
I hope to be rising out of my hibernation pretty soon, too! Big hugs to you!