Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Dirty Secrets: Snow and Caffeine

So...the snow is melting and the skies are blue and inexplicably I am a little bit sad. This terrible winter we had was almost like a living adversary. And for so long it won and kept on winning. Now it's in retreat and there is something sad about a routed enemy. Oh well! I will get over it I'm sure..and apart from my two and a half readers I am not letting in anyone else into this dirty little secret. I am waiting for all the snow to be gone and then I will embark on the great Concord Literary Tour. I plan to do one day (or two) going to Walden Pond, the Alcott House and other locations literary in my new home. So...stay tuned.

As those who move from Europe, especially somewhat chi-chi Switzerland know we love our Nespresso machines. So I have one and I love it. I make my renverses, take in the aroma, close my eyes and for a moment am transported back to Geneva. While I was in Geneva, when I was homesick I'd spend time at Starbucks. It was almost like being in a little enclave of the US..and there was free Wifi. Great to hang out, write, meet up with others, etc. But here's my secret....I *hate* Starbucks coffee. To me it tastes burnt, like the beans were over-roasted. Oh well! Waah! Now, that I am back in the US I went to Starbucks a few times because....yes it reminded me of being in Geneva. I am weird, I know...but do you think Starbucks is a wormhole, a conduit between countries and worlds.

However, I usually drink fizzy water there or sometimes a light coffee frapp. But now, back in the North-East, especially in the great state of Massachusetts, I have succumbed to our own special coffee addiction. Yes, Dunkin Donuts folks. Down and dirty, coffee (and they put in the milk and sugar for you if you're not a black drinker). I still have my Nespresso but every couple of days I have to stop by and pick up a "medium hot, milk and sugar." And I *love* it.

There you have it: Geneva and Bawston living side by side within me. These are my dirty secrets.....or at least some of them.


C. said...

From one Nespresso Lover to another, I'M HORRIFIED. Oh and the fact that I love me some Tim Hortons coffee in no way prejudices my opinion.

Jawahara Saidullah said...

Heh heh! Christine, there are a few places in MA that actually have Tim Hortons. Now when I see the signs on a highway I think of you because I think of one of your earlier blog posts. Miss you!

judy bussey said...

yes, you see everything all at once, today, tomorrow, yesterday and your mind never stops. I love that you loved your day. With this past winter and all your ventures into really bad all makes sense. Glad you *saw* the sunshine and the day in it's *true* light...keep writing life!

judy bussey said...

I think the last comment was meant for another post....this one is about your coffee...and I know if we could visit Kentucky Coffee Company you'd love another Khadija Cappuccino, named for a noble woman I know. The drink used the Saidulla family's tea blend,steeped properly, frothed milk, cream and honey! And, one of my favorite memories is your taking me to the Art Museum in Indy and stopping for chocolate and espresso.....triggering great memories with your thoughts of coffee......keep writing life! Peace