Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crossing a Street in Spring

If you and I are Facebook friends you've seen my album of Boston in Spring pics. The last I lived in the Boston area I hated it. I mean *HATED* it. I looked for things to hate...and there are plenty (potholes that can swallow cars, rude people, the grayness, the crumbling infrastructure, the very fact that it was not California and never would be...wait, that last one was more about me, wasn't it?)

Like I said I tried to find things to hate and then felt justified in falling deeper and deeper in hatred with Boston. This time I decided to make it a do over. (Did I mention that I had do-overs in....wait for it...California???!!!! already). And now California is my Shangri-la, my city on the hill...where I hope to live forever and ever in Jawahara heaven! Oh well, on to Operation Boston Love.

So Tuesday dawned bright and blue and wonderful and off I went to meet a new friend. She lives in town, on Beacon Hill no less, two blocks from Boston Common. We had a great meal at a lovely Italian place called Fig. Right across from us were quaint, cost the earth little shops on Charles Street, a specialty food store (DeLuca's I think), and lovely little bistros and ice cream shops.

Then we walked back to her place....for some freshly brewed Nespresso. I had the Ristretto. It was lovely. Ok, yes, you don't share my passion for the Nespresso...but we bonded something fierce. She's European, she loves Nespresso and has the coolest penthouse pad. And did I mention the Nespresso?

I walked back to my cart that was parked under Boston Common. I walked through the Public Gardens. And I was struck by how just...well beautiful it was. The grass was not really green yet but it was getting there. Even though my backyard still has snow out in the 'burbs, the gardens were devoid of any white stuff. People were walking dogs (one woman had 6), the bronze ducks (inspired by Make Way for the Ducklings) were decked out in the finest, gaudiest Mardi Gras beads, couples lazed on park benches, and everything gleamed in the way they in the first nice days of Spring.

And I felt alive. And happy.

There was Washington's statue, the general and horse frozen mid-stride. There was other statues. The lagoon was drained of water and a few geese and ducks had gathered near a mud-hole in the center of it, cackling loudly. The world was coming alive, climbing out of our long winter.

I crossed the street and entered Boston Common. This is where Bostonians of old grazed their cattle and sometimes got together for bit of family fun and watch public executions. You times! Now it's peaceful, verdant....full of joggers and walkers and tiny fashionistas with their tiny dogs dressed in pink winter-wear: both dog and owners. The tall buildings around us gleamed in the strong sunlight, the dome of the State House glistened. Then I heard a jingling bell, yes, the tourist trams were running. No duck tours yet but it's still early.

It was wonderful and I tried not to believe that there was rain forecast for Wednesday. How could that be? Just look at this bright, beautiful day. How could there be rain tomorrow.

I paid my parking ticket. $22! Yes, 20 fucking 2 dollars!!! I guess there will be rain tomorrow. And there was. Tons, buckets of rain! Arrrghhh!


Nicole MacDonald said...

It's nice to be able to enjoy something finally, and I love those ducks!

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C. said...

Great post Jawahara, it's nice to get a taste of where you are living and your unique spin on everything you witness. xx

dipali said...

Boston is a pretty place! Visited it briefly. And no, I haven't been to California!