Sunday, August 10, 2008

The novel grows. 72,476 words. On track to add enough detail to make it a respectable 75,000 words.

It sounds like I am hung up on numbers. I'm really not. I just know that this novel is supposed to be between 75-80,000 words to truly tell the story the way it is meant to be told. It is a complex book, with many characters and I think the close I get to 75,000 words the more rounder and complete the story becomes.

Can I say this? I like the way it's shaping up. It's been a long time. I want to fall in love with this book. I think I am. That slight tingling, that shortness of breath (no...not having a heart attack)....they all tell me that love is in the air.

G'night all.

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dipali said...

This sounds so good, Jawahara!
Waiting, waiting eagerly:)