Thursday, August 07, 2008

A queryin' we go

I wrote my query letter so I can find a new agent. For anyone who doesn't know my previous agent and I parted ways, amicably, a break I initiated. She was great but she and my writing did not seem to be the best fit. So, I am now free to find another agent.

I want someone who can have me published in the U.S., and Canada and perhaps the U.K., and other English-speaking countries. I've written my query letter. Which is hell! I *hate* writing these. They come off either sounding trite or pretentious or my hands at least. I hear a volunteer to read the first draft of my query letter as my novel proceeds into its third draft?

Oh come on. You know you want to.


Sher said...

Send it my way.

Mighty Mom said...

I'm in!