Monday, December 10, 2007

Outing bloggers

Amrita is blogging about outing anonymous bloggers.

Though not a mommy myself I too used to enjoy reading themadmomma, who has now sadly retreated behind an invitation-only curtain. Is she a victim of outing? Whether she is or not, it's clear that there was some breach of the divide between her real and cyber selves...and not of her volition. A shame!

Using pseudonyms has been a long literary tradition and though I've been mildy curious about anonymous bloggers, I never really wanted to know their identities. Kind of takes away the romance, ya know? I like George Elliot. Who the heck is Mary Anne Evans? The internet does give us this wonderful anonymous option. But it also makes others want to break the seal of anonymity.

Amrita's post is wonderfully written so I am not going to expound much here (are those sighs of relief I hear?) but do you think there is at least sometimes a case for outing an anonymous blogger? Or should anonymity always be protected? I am just curious about what people think.


dipali said...

If a person chooses to be anonymous,
I see no reason to disrespect his/her choice. And the recent 'outings' were malicious beyond belief.

Alien in Pakistan said...

I think that people should stay anonymous if they want to. Outing someone is mean. Maybe there's a good reason they're anonymous (like someone will chop off their head if their identity is revealed)...

Jawahara Saidullah said...

I totally agree with you guys. Even if someone does not have a good reason (like being killed, or fired as also happened recently)'s their choice to be anonymous.