Thursday, December 06, 2007

Addicted to....poulet roti

Every thursday, outside this little boulangerie near our house, a red and white-striped cart pulls up. A plump, golden chicken, roasted to perfection (well as perfect as plastic can be) sits on the roof, drumsticks pointing skywards. I saw this strange contraption for weeks and then I finally gave in and bought myself a roti poulet on an evening when I hadn't had time to cook.'s delicious and I am totally hooked. So much so that I now have a Grand Delice Poulet (the name of the cart) card, with stamps on it. Once I have ten stamps I get a free chicken.'s tender, moist, succulent, fragrant with some mystery herbs. I am not a big chicken person but this is to die for.

Just had to share.


Alien in Pakistan said...

Sounds delicious! Do you just have to heat it in the oven? I always wonder how I would manage if I had to cook 7 days a week. Maybe I need the Poulet Roti card too.

Jawahara Saidullah said... heating involved. Truly no-fuss.

Well, the place is just a five minute drive I rush out before the meal, grab it hot off the rotisserie...restrain myself from tearing open the bag on my drive back...and voila!

It actually stays hot for 30-45 minutes and the foil bag they put it in for transport helps I am sure. heating involved. And then I shred the remaining meat and use it for sandwiches or sprinkle into soup the day after.

I usually make some steamed veggies, pick up a baguette as well, and it's eatin' time.

I really sound totally obsessed with this damn chicken don't I?

dipali said...

Jawahara, even though I'm a vegetarian, I loved the gusto with which you wrote about the poulet!

desigirl said...

Sorry to barge in on your neutral space but I am writing something for uni that has burqa references. Can you tell me the fundas behind it? Is it required by Sharia? Is it a sign of oppression? Is there a choice involved in it? Please educate me.

Jawahara Saidullah said...

DG, you can email me