Friday, January 23, 2009

Unfairness of life

Why is it that what is usually a 48 hour cold for some people settles in my lungs and rages as bronchitis. I swear I feel like my lungs are bruised and raw. I rarely get sinus headaches or sniffly noses. No...what I get at least a few times a year is the feeling that I am being strangled from the inside by a very, very strong midget (errr....little person).

It started back in 1999 when I had 9 bouts of bronchitis and one of pnuemonia....spaced out at the end of every month. Now I just need to walk by someone smoking or catch the common cold and I start hacking like a cat with a giant hairball....except my broncial pathways are totally frozen so all I get is pain and a lack of oxygen.

Of course the only silver lining is that I can then complain and feel sorry for myself. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! But it's getting old, really old.

Hope I feel better by next week.


Sher said...

My cure - couch, trashy mags, quilt and crap TV.

Hmmm and I suppose you should probably keep taking whatever the doctor prescribed as well.

Get well soon.

BS said...

Hope you are feeling better! Have you ever tried a nebulizer? It works wonders if you just use saline in it.

Sujatha said...

Get well soon, J.

Anonymous said...

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Hakim said...

The nebulizer with only saline is not a bad idea to try 'coz it has no negative effect. The saline spray is readily available at all chemists.