Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rejection Dejection

Why do rejections come in twos? Don't know, but they did...again. Two more rejections of my full manuscript. No concret reason, just "it's not for us," kind of reason. Oh well! After I dust off my bruised ego and dashed hopes and pat them on the head, it's time to send off two more.


Mighty Mom said...

Two's are better than threes. Still bites the big one, though! Big mistake on their part, though.
Big hugs! Now go eat chocolate.

Judy Bussey said...

You are fitting the profile of most great novelists. You go Girl.

It's their loss.

Have some wine with the chocolate!


Sher said...

What would chocolate and wine be without a few trashy mags?? Laugh at some celebs and then back to it.

dipali said...


Jawahara Saidullah said...

Thanks all. I really appreciate it. I couldn't face even opening my manuscript folder for a while after this double rejection....but I think this week I might send out two queries to replace the two who turned me down.

Judy Bussey said...

Your approach to rejection is motivational for those of us who are just learning the writing process and the subsequent wish to publish. It's daunting to be sure. I am from a clan of Wide-Eyed Ones" and welcome some insights from you, as you are in the middle of the publishing process.
Hang in there!