Saturday, December 06, 2008

What's in a Name?

Since I am on the giant hamster-wheel of querying and rejections right now, I am prepared and ready for the "nays" to roll in. Even though each fresh "no" is like a spike through the heart. But I wasn't prepared for this one. Like every other time I queried the big-hitting, large agency on the west coast. This time their "no" arrived promptly.

Except, it wasn't for my new being-shopped-around novel, An Incomplete Universe. Nope the header and the generic, form email said it was a rejection for The Burden of Foreknowledge. Obviously I had mentioned my previous novel in the email but they had claimed to read the submission with "careful consideration." Maybe it was just a typo, maybe not, but despite my disappointment this one gave me a chuckle, like they exhumed my poor Burden from its grave.

Here, for your amusement, is the letter, with the agency's name stripped out:

Dear Jawahara,

We were pleased to receive your submission and have now had a chance to consider
it closely. We appreciate your patience in allowing us to completely evaluate
your material, giving it the ample attention it deserves.

While your work is interesting and well-written, after careful consideration, we
feel that your project is not right for us. However, as you know, these
decisions are largely subjective, and another agent or editor may have a
completely different opinion.

Thank you for inviting us to consider your work. We wish you well in placing
your manuscript.

The Big-Name West Coast Literary Agency


Sher said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry

Mighty Mom said...

Rude! Just rude...

DL NELSON said...

At least they answered. I sent over 40 agents a message I had a firm contract and needed an agent to negotiate it. One wrote back to say she was going out of business, one wrote back to say they didn't work with unpublished writers, although I listed my books which are published in three countries and 38 didn't answer.

Jawahara said...

Oh that's just depressing!