Saturday, July 05, 2008

May we help you?

Ok, I am not for overly sweet and sentimental posts (or at least I don't think I am), and I usually don't like the nicer things in write about that is. Mainly because I like living in the bog of eternal darkness and wallow in the pit of muck and despair.

But today, this morning, something sweet happened. And I gotta write about it.

Let me take you back to a while ago when we hired some guys to put together a bunch of bookshelves for us (yes, they were Ikea and yes, I am a lazy, unmechanically evolved dolt...what you gotta say about that? Huh?)...anyway. So, these gentlemen put together the shelves and an odd table or two but left the folded cartons on the patio.

It's sad but I couldn't figure out how to dispose of them here. I mean, in the U.S., we had a separate garbage bin for this stuff, put it outside the house on the designated day and it disappeared. Ok, so maybe it headed for the nearest landfill and I'll rot in hell...but I digress.

Then I realized that I could take it to the dump and recycling place at the edge of our little vilalge, right where I put the plastic and pet, and glass and paper, adn that there was a place for cartons as well. Yipppeee!

So off I went, with these folded cartons in the trunk of my car. I got there, flipped the trunk and sighed...these things were going to take a few trips to break down further and stuff them into the impossibly small containers. Oh damn!

Then these two young men appeared...boys really...14, maybe 15. We exchanged bon jours (can I say how it thrills me to see young people here say the equivalent of good morning or good day rather than grunting a laconic hi...but I digress again)...then they asked me something in rapid French and I responded in not so rapid...ok, totally halting French that I didn't understand them.

May we help you?


OMG, these two boys made the trips from the trunk to the bins and did a meticulous job disposing off the cartons for me. They also laughed needlessly like teeangers seem to do, and one of them walked into a metal divider thingie...and yowled in his barely broken voice.

They were awkward and sweet and so adorable. And, yes...damnit they were so sweet.

Michael and Joel, you are wonderful young men, and a credit to your parents, your village and your country. I was glad to shake your hand and say thanks. You were a great start to my day. Thanks!


Mighty Mom said...

Bless your pessimistic, evil heart!
They got ya!

Sher said...

I can't believe you paid to put IKEA furniture together - too funny. You bought a little humour to my day and made me smile from down there in your gloom.

Jawahara Saidullah said...

I also paid the guy to pick up the stuff in his truck. How pathetic is that? This move was so awful I couldn't handle putting shelves together. I know that makes me a loser...but hey I'm a loser that wasn't twirling that damn Ikea tool thingamajiggy. I was the loser sipping tea while guys worked. Aaah!

And, can I say I am honored to actually have my name as the title in your latest posting *bows* (I forgot to say that on your blog)