Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A special place in hell... reserved for whoever hacked into my hotmail account. To anyone who has received this email and might be concerned about my Nigerian vacation from hell:

1) I am not in Nigeria and have never been there.

2) I have not been robbed by robbers armed or otherwise. In fact I hope to masquerade as an armed robber beat the shit out of the hacker.

3) Even if I was in such dire straits I hope I do not abandon all rules of grammar, and of semi-decent writing. Heck, if I ask you for money I will definitely proofread and spellcheck my email before sending it. I promise!

This hacker asshole has also reset my password and when I try to reset it, hotmail sends the instructions to the very account I can't get into. Brilliant!

I've emailed them to let them know what's going on and hope to resolve this soon. But soon...very soon...this fucking bastard is going to rot in hell.

Grow up for god's sake...isn't hacking people's email ids passe by now? Get a life...heck get pubes...get a girlfriend (or boyfriend...see I am so PC!)...find something more challenging than sending badly written emails to a bunch of strangers. Hack into heavily guarded corporate or government sites and I might even admire you...but this just shows you're a sorry pathetic asshole, who might be 50 but his voice hasn't changed? Have you even kissed a girl?



Mighty Mom said...

You tell him, Jawa! I was honestly concerned, especially with the grammar!

dipali said...

I was one of the recipients, but it was so obviously not from you that I promptly deleted it without a second thought!
How are you doing, J?

Jawahara Saidullah said...

Thanks guys :-)...and I am doing okay Dipali. There are good days and there are bad days. Thanks for asking.

Rajiv said...

I was a recipeint from the hackert of a nice IM message. I promptly blocked the IM sender.

But, how are you doing otherwise. Write to me about how you are holding up as well as your mom and Sa'ad.