Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I am not much for popular culture figures but I discovered Steve Irwin a while ago, before he was spoofed on SNL and began to appear on Larry King. When Animal Planet was still relatively new I stumbled on his show while surfing and there was something about him that make me not want to change the channel. He was corny (Oh Crikey!) and often too enthusiastic ("She's a beauty", while looking at some ferociously ugly creature) but he seemed totally sincere and in love with life and all the strang and unsual creatures around him. I had to put away my natural cynicism and watch him in a sort of uncomplicated stupor.

So, I too, was shocked and saddened to hear of his sudden death. To die from a fish that normally is not lethal just because he was positioned at just the spot where the barb entered his heart was unexpected, because we usually saw him around deadlier creatures, than a stingray.

Goodbye Steve Irwin. No RIP for you. You seemed to have way too much energy and life force to rest. Wrestle crocs and dance with snakes forever. Farewell.

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Arshad said...

Salamalykum and Ramzan Kareem
Each soul has to taste death-Quran
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