Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Why did the dog cross the street?

Yesterday's Nor'easter knocked out the power in my area. So, I headed home around 4:15. I'm on Route 138 by the ski slope in Milton when I slam on my brakes because all the cars in front of me were stopped, on both sides.

Then I saw something crossing the road. A dog, totally wet and bedraggeled. I could see from where I was that he had some kind of collar on. No one stopped to help him, not even anyone from the three cop cars parked nearby. What was I to do?

Cursing under my breath I pulled into the ski slope parking lot which is where he was now sniffing around. I got out.

"Hey doggie, come here, come on."

He trotted over to me. Such a cute, tubby yellow lab with a precious face. Sniffed my hand, allowed me to pet him then tried to leave. I held on to his choke collar (hate those things). He also had a bandana and a radio collar. Obviously got out from behind his electric fence when the power went out. Hate electric fences even more. Keep your dog inside, people.

It was raining pretty heavily. I got my cell phone and called the number on his tag. It was an after hours number for the animal control department. He had his rabies and registration tags.

Two cops and a K-9 come by and I asked them for help. One of the cops (he was a cutie though I am not much for men in uniform) tried to help but the dog twisted out of his grasp and ran off, leaving him holding the radio collar. Cop asked me if I could take care of this. Thanks, cop!

Now the dog is loose again. I know something works on my dog all the time.

"Hey doggie...hey puppy, let's go for a drive." I pray his owners take him for drives. They did.

He runs to the car. I open the tailgate and in he jumps. It's now like 4:50. I volunteer at the local animal shelter so I call them. Please be there, please be there. No one picks up but that could just mean that they're out back locking up since they close at 5:00.

The dog sits quietly at the back though he stares at the back of my head the entire time.

If the shelter is not open I'll take him home but I am not sure how my spoiled brat, Naina, will respond. She loves to play but if we were to get a second dog I want to do the intros the right way so they both get along.

I drive like the wind and make it to the shelter by 4:57. They are still there.

One of the girls brings a towel and wipes him off. The Animal control officer scans him but he is not microchipped. She takes out a treat and he sits right down. What a sweetie. He must have been so scared and confused but he wagged his tail and licked everyone's hands.

They can't trace him till the next day since his tags don't have his home info. They can see from the tag that he's from Canton, about 7-8 miles away). I give them my contact info, kneel down and pet his face and say bye as he is led away to a meal and his kennel. He'll be safe for now. I feel guilty though.

Of course, the shelter is totally dark because of the power outage. I hope he's okay. I come home to my own scared dog who gets freaked out when there are no lights. I don't know how I would have managed with another scared dog and no lights at home. She sniffs me all over, intrigued by the smell of the nameless yellow lab. I kiss her face and give her some extra love. She wiggles away when I hug her too hard though she comes back and licks my face. Awww!

Hope if she is ever stupid enough to run away that someone helps her out. I love my dog. She is my baby.

Now, I gotta call the shelter to see how that other dog's doing. If his owners don't want him I'll take him.

That was my adventure from yesterday. I can't believe no one else stopped to help this poor dog. There must have been a good twenty cars, some with more than one person and so many cop cars around.

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