Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Turning Leaves and Spike Milligan

We went to Vermont over the weekend to watch the fall colors. Delayed frost is making colors turn strangely. In the same stand of trees there are those with green leaves, some yellow, some red, some whose leaves have already fallen. Like random thoughts that mingle with feelings and make a life. Uneven in parts, sad, happy. And then all the leaves fall and all you're left with are memories of another time.

It rained all the way, droplets falling softly into the rough waters of the Connecticut river. And it was windy. Leaves, so many leaves of so many different colors blowing around, the rain chilling me to my bones. Beautiful yet sad at the same time.

Reminded me of this:

If I could write words
Like leaves on an autumn forest floor,
What a bonfire my letters would make.
If I could speak words of water,
You would drown when I said
"I love you."

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