Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Pretty, pretty, girlie things

Being girlie is one of my most mortifying secrets. Yes, even more mortifying than the fact that I actually watched both Anaconda and its sequel Anacondas in the theater. In fact, I could barely wait to watch them.

And there are few places more girlie than Sephora. Those colors, those promises on plastic bottles, the glitter, the sweet smells, the cool names (She She, Urban Decay, Hard Candy), the packaging....

I fall for it.

I went to buy a moisturizer. I came back after buying a setting powder, an essential oil spray thing to put on my face before the moisturizer I went to buy, a glittery lipstick. I fled before I bought any pink thing from Jessica Simpson's Dessert line.

I feel like a kid at Sephora (until the bill, that is). Make up makes me feel like a kid. The colors, the tactile sensations of powder and cream and every texture in between. It's like playing with crayons or water colors. I want to touch, spray, squeeze on, smear, smell, dip my fingers in every tester.

Finger painting for adults. Being girlie was never so much fun when I was actually a girl....many, many years ago.

Am I falling for the promise of hope that each nicely packaged product gives me? I don't know but what else explains the little burst of bourgeois excitement as I clutch the glossy, black bag on my way to the car?

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Bina said...

Buying little shiny things appeals to our evolutionary heritage when we were cavewomen out in the fields looking for pretty flowers and berries that we could use for medicine and cooking. I love makeup of all kinds but being allergic to most fragrance on the planet, makeup to me is the forbidden fruit I can never really enjoy without guilt.. that and M&Ms.

Oh, and Anaconda is me and my dad's favorite hysterically stupid movie. We watched it together when I was sick once and the sight of it today is enough to make me cry with laughter.