Monday, October 17, 2005


I feel as if I am wrapped in a blanket, entangled within its heavy folds. It covers my ears and the world outside comes in muffled and muzzled. Distorted.

I can't move my arms and legs. Trapped.

The blanket is soft as a cloud but not comforting. I thrash around. Then I give up and give in. My limbs are heavy. They cannot move, they barely feel attached to me.

It is anaesthetizing, this blanket of mine. I close my eyes. Then open. The darkness remains the same.

My mind is somewhere else. My soul is trapped under layers of goo. My body is under a blanket.


1 comment:

Bina said...

You are so much more eloquent at expressing your frustration than I am; I revert to the expressions of childhood and the feelings of childishness that accompany it whenever I'm in this state. So kick, bark, bite, and telling everyone to get lost is all the eloquence you'll get from me!