Monday, November 19, 2007

Middle name tag

Since no-one tagged me for this one (*sobs* why doesn't anyone like me? *sniff*) I decided I would follow it from Dipali's blog, and tag myself (how pathetic does that sound?)

I actually have a middle name though I rarely use. It's Khadija. So I guess now I have to parse it by each letter.

K: Keel, as in even-keeled. So many people consider me to be this way that I thought I'd embrace though I hate...hate...hate this. Makes me feel very sati-savitri type.

H: Hag. That's what I feel like as time marches on, right across my face, and hair and body. Ghhhhhhhhh!

A: Adamant....because it sounds so much better than stubborn, which I am. See, I accepted it...which could also be used here.

D: Dark. As in dark thoughts, dark dreams, dark writing. Dark clouds. I can't get away from it.

I: Individualistic. I know that we're supposed to work together and be all into consensus and community, but even as I nod along sometimes, I just want to fuck it all and just march away into the the beat of my own cadre of maladjusted drummers.

J: Jewel, that's what Jawahara means...and also I like 'em. They're sooo shiny.

A: Abandonment. That's what I fear. Through death or other means. Because I suppose as I grow older, loneliness is the big bugaboo....the monster under my bed.

So, if someone wants to take this on, please do. Otherwise, don't! Simple! Cheers all.


Sue said...

So that's what your name means! I did wonder. It's a very unusual one too.

Unknown said...

Yes, I used to cringe on the first day of school when the teacher would invariably stumble over my name and the other girls would giggle. I wanted to know why I could not change my name to Sunita, Anita or Sangeeta. Now, I've grown into it I guess.

Bina said...

The main character in my next novel is called Khadija.