Monday, November 23, 2009


Ok, so I am not part of the screaming women screaming for Twilight and Robert Pattinson. And *gasp* I haven't read the Twilight saga. But it's impossible to steer clear of the frenzy, and a couple of nights ago I even watched the first movie when it showed up on a Sky movie channel. If I was a teenager I'd swoon too. Young Robert is rather yummy but alarmingly pale.

But let's face it, vampires are not new. I used to love Dracula movies, and of, course there's something incredibly sensual and even sexual about being loved by the undead I suppose. And yes, I even read and watched Interview with a Vampire though I was squidged out by then 8-year old Kirsten Dunst locking lips with a grown-up Brad Pitt.

Vampires are old hat, whether they be pale teenagers with James Dean hair or a cloaked Count yearning for his Mina. So...what can you do to put a twist on an old favorite? Fear not, I have found the answer where all answers are to be found...the Internet of course.

This is to my pals (you know who you are) who are Twilight addicts. You know you're the best, so enjoy this new take on an age-old fave.

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Anonymous said...

ok this was funny.

C. said...

Yes, we know who we are...but that was hilarious. Guy with pecs turns into guinea pig, ha ha. God I'm pathetic...