Thursday, September 24, 2009

Picking Flowers in Geneva

Just a couple of miles from my house is a field of flowers. I drive past at least a few times a week. What does that sign say?

Perhaps I need to take a closer look? Ah yes, it says, one franc per flower. Note the handy little box (attached to the pole) into which I'll need to leave the cash.

I think I'll get some. Where to begin?

There, we have them. Hmmm...time to do the math and count the blooms. Aaah! Nothing like fresh flowers.


Mighty Mom said...

There was a self-cueillette near our home in Corsier that the girls and I often walked or drove past. One night they insisted on buying their own sunflowers, so top-heavy they could barely hold them upright. I can still hear their francs as they clinked into the can.

Jawahara said...

For some reason the sunflowers this year started drooping and turning brown very soon after they bloomed. Such a shame. I would have loved to have picked some this year.