Monday, May 04, 2009

Guilty Pleasures in the Afternoon: A Tag

There's swine flu grunting at our doors, heat-wave deaths in India, the Taliban making waves in Pakistan, ice-shelves the size of Jamaica breaking off ...and who knows what other apocalyptic horrors in store for us. Can anyone blame me then for my oh-so-guilty pleasures?

1. Trashy magazines (thanks C and C's mom for my latest stash): OMG, did Angie throw Brad out? Are Jen and Angie finally going to come face-to-face? It's just too exciting for words. The trashier the mag, the better. Heaven!

2. A renverse in the afternoon: Thanks Mighty Mom for the milk-forther. I think of you each time I overdose on caffeine. Hey, I might walk around the house like a dancing jitter-bug but it tastes so *damn* good. Like my own little coffee-shop. Mmmmmm!

3. Cadbury's chocolates: This is a real guilty one in Switzerland. Oh non madame, you might exclaim. No Cadbury's can be consumed here. It is not chocolate at all, now is it? We have such good quality chocolate here. How can you? But Cadbury's is tied up with my childhood. That shiny, purple paper, the two glasses of milk in every bar (look ma, it's health food) and that undefinable taste that screams "chocolate" to me. So I can savor the best boutique, small-batch, handmade stuff....but sometimes a girl's gotta have her Cadbury's.

4. Cheddar cheese: Another heresy in Switzerland, the land of oh-so-heavenly fromage. I love all our wonderful Swiss cheese, but sometimes a sandwich begs... for some cheddar. And I can't believe I actually found some at our local French grocery store. It also rocks on home-made chilli (I made a huge batch and froze some a few days ago), and in the absense of queso blanco, cheddar can actually be good on Mexican food. Really, Swiss people, stop putting gruyere (much as I love it) on burritos. Now *that* is also heresy. So, we're quits, right?


5. Byron in Love: Unfortunately, not with me. But after all my Byron-stalking as my couch to 5K pal kindly called it...I walked into Payot...and this was the first book that I saw. I had to have it. What else can I say? It's Byron at his darkest and dreamiest. He's in love. Okay, with many, many people. And one of them was his half-sister. But the paths of love...they are so twisted, no?

...I tag anyone else who wants to take this on...but those mentioned in this post are gently nudged to take this on. You know who you are.

I also tag appalachianroots, which I believe might be her first tag.

Anyone who does take on this challenge, please do a guilty pleasures post on your blog, and then come back on here and let me know.

Have fun!


Judy Bussey said...

I wrote a guilty pleasures blog. Wish it were better. Let me know how to play the game, it's fun!!!!!


Jawahara said...

Hey, I read it. It's great. Thanks for playing :-)

Sher said...

Cadburys, cheddar, trashy magazines (the stuff you read is high brow compared to my trash) - we were destined to meet.

Sher said...

one trashy post for your reading pleasure, open a packet of chocolate buttons to eat while you read just to set the mood.

C. said...

Okey dokey, I played too, have a read.

Mighty Mom said...

Been there, done that, bought a latté. Enjoy!

naperville mom said...

Haha! So you're a true Byron girl! Had fun with yr earlier post abt Byron so much.:)

dipali said...

I love the thought of eating Cadbury's chocolate in Switzerland!