Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beam me up...Serge!

Trekkie 1: Do you feel weird Pierre?

Trekkie 2: Like someone is looking at us? Maybe taking pictures with those quaint little 21st century cameras?

Both laugh heartily.

Together: These poor, primitive shoppers.

Trekkie 1 (presses his communicator): The perimeter is secure captain. All shopping at H&M and Etam continuing as needed.

Trekkie 2: Now it's time for coffee and croissant...Damnit Jean, I may be a starship officer but I am still a Frenchman, non?

Trekkie 1: Absolutement.

*There is no reason for these poor security guards in the French mall (Moillesulaz, Annemasse area) to be dressed like low-rent ship personnel from the Starship Enterprise (the original).


Judy Bussey said...

But they look so cute!!!

Judy Bussey said...

What is your birth date? I know it's January.....6th? India's Independence day? Please correct me.

Happy Belated Birthday,

Hope your bronchitis is better,
We have a solid ice freeze in Kentucky. Trees broken down everywhere. Power Outage. Hope you're warm over there in Switzerland!We had to move in with Sandy for the night.

Jawahara said...

They do look rather cute, don't they? As for the was on the 26th, Indian Republic Day, i.e., the day the Indian constitution was put into effect, three years after independence which was August 15, 1947. And that's our wedding anniversary :-).