Sunday, November 09, 2008

Still looking for a few good readers

What do Little Red Riding Hood and Harry Potter have in common with The Satanic Verses and The Jewel of Medina?

They have all been banned or have been controversial writings at some point in time by some large group or country. I am looking for 6-8 people to join me in creating a new book group. This will be The Banned Books Group, which will take on one banned or controversial book each. Members will take turns to nominate a book at each meeting. We will meet periodically to discuss these interesting and important books. Sometimes, the actual authors of the books might even join us via phone or in person. This should be a lively and fun group. Drop me a line and let’s read together. Email:

We already have a few members, but we're looking for some more. I also created a separate blog for this group. Still very new, check it out here.

Get in touch if you want to join...and if you are in Geneva :-)

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