Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh my God...he's black!!!!

Guys, there's a big white elephant dancing around our living rooms and inside all our TV studios, and apparently even among those being polled. We're refusing to see it, to talk about, or address the issue but it's real and it exists. And finally the elephant sits down inside the voting booth and then we can't ignore it any longer.

I want all those smug Dems to shut up with the "we've won," and "it's in the bag," comments. It's not. As much as my heart goes a pittar patter when I see Obama and hear him speak, and though I am happy to see his leads in the poll, it all means diddly squat.

Will Americans...okay...non-Black Americans, when they stand inside that booth, will they be able to pull the lever for an African-American president? Or will the Bradley effect take over?

What is the Bradley effect you ask? It is that white elephant I was talking about. It is sometimes also known as the Wilder effect. In 1982 Tom Bradley (yes, the LAX international terminal is named after him) ran for governor. He too was ahead in the a lot. But he lost. The theory of the Bradley effect is that, when polled, many people don't like saying they won't vote for someone because of the color of his skin. And when they're finally in that booth, said white elephant sits right on top of them, stopping them from voting for a black candidate.

Okay, enough with that elephant already...but seriously, these days until the election are crucial. We might still see McCain as Pres and Palin (shoot me now, actually she could, couldn't she?) Palin. It doesn't matter how far ahead my Baamer(that's what I call him, we're tight like that) is in the polls, the Bradley effect might be alive and well.

Now, we're not in 1982, and I hope we're more evolved than that. But those people living the flyover zones...well, do trouble my head. Some of them believe that Obama is a terrorist (not helped by Fox's oh so frequent slips of the tongue calling him Osama...ooops...teee heee), that "they've" already attacked us and we can't have one of "them" becoming President. And my favorite (and yes this is an actual quote), "He's great. If he just wasn't black." *sigh* There is no justice in the world, huh?

So, let's not get too smug. Hope for the best but let's not get too cocky. Go Obama

In the meantime, entertain yourself with my favorite Obama biography of all time.


Keeping fingers crossed said...

You are right. We have to go vote.

You know, you are at least safe under the shadow of Mont Blanc...what about the rest of us who live state side. That gun totting pig on a lipstick could be in the Black House (what else would it be after Cheney) that operates the White House.

Phony said...

I started my own blog. Only one incomplete post (very lazy). If it's cool with you can I leave my address here. Thanx

Jawahara said...

Welcome to the blogworld phony. And fingers crossed, ultimately we are all affected by the US administration and we might be headed back sometime in the near future.

Sher said...

You can never leave now Jawahara - mwahahahaha.

Jawahara Saidullah said...

Lol Sher, you are soo evil. I know this because of the evil laugh. I'm smart like that...mus' be all that book learnin'

Daily said...

I think it's a wrap.

Obama will win and the Bradley effect will not come into play as widely as been rumored. It has been an important rumor though... kinda confrontational and worthwhile to understand.

The fact that it's easy to understand what it is also helps voters conquer that ignorance and hopefully be a true part of the solution!

Good blog.