Monday, September 08, 2008

An agenting we go...

Not that anything amazing has happened, but for some reason this time I am feeling more confident about querying agents. Now watch the universe guffaw and proceed to give me a thorough ass-kicking. But until that happens I am going to revel in my fragile, new-found, transitory sense of confidence. Tomorrow the little voices will come back. You know the ones that can't write, stop writing now and do the world a favor, good lord could you be more puerile? you call that writing? I wish your dog had eaten the manuscript.

Some might say that this paranoid neurosis is part of being a writer. I am one of those people. :-)

So, today I decided to start my query process. Not in a formal manner but just going through to see which agents take e-submissions, just doing a little refreshing and re-acquainting with the agenting world. Will start the snail mail process soon, perhaps Wednesday. Need to stock up on toner and paper before I do that though. I *love* email submissions and queries. Can I say that again? I *love* email submissions and queries.

So here are the stats for today:

E-mail queries sent: 4
Replied received (yes, already, can you believe it?): 1
Request for first 30 pages: 1 (Yessss)

And it's not some fly-by-night scammy person wanting me to pay 5 bucks a page to do some crappy analysis. A *good* agency.

Now it's time to send out more, and then sit back and wait for the nays to come floating back in. Until then, it's...well not exactly party time....but at least a kinda good, kinda confident, totally mmmm feeling.

Cheers all!

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Mighty Mom said...

Yahoo! And, by the way, in case the little voices have come back already, read them this:

Piss off, you little mongrels. The girl can write!