Thursday, June 05, 2008

Day Two at Le Chateau

I didn't sleep well and have a crick in my neck which proves that no matter how gorgeous the surroundings we can still toss and turn and be in a bad mood because damnit I like being able to turn my neck all the way. Oh well! Poor me.

Got some writing done last night but I am sure I'll be re-doing it. Also, I am totally stressing abou the reading on the 15th. If anyone wantsto come (18:00 till 20:00) on June 15, you are supposed to inform the chateau. Or let me know. Am I too old to be having the old going to school without my knickers dream?

On a totally unrelated note I regained control of my hotmail account but with much drama and with the assistance of a certain Jessica who corresponded with our unlucky Nigerian traveler.

Here's your chateau fix of the day:

View from the Back, Including Sunroom

I love this arbor and the giant tree next to it that is supposedly over 200 years old

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