Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day Five at Le Chateau

This was not really a day at the chateau as it was a day of going beyond, to explore our environs, and a celebration of a day without rain. So, four of us went to Morges to the Grand Marche.

There were ugly porcelain kittens and indeterminate objets d'art that only their creators could love, lace doilies and overpriced but beautiful Peruvian sweaters. And stalls with pizza, and sausages, and cheese, and olives and wine. And flowers, masses of flowers that glowed against the puddles that the week-long rains had deposited. Later, as we munched on hot churros, chinese dragons and strange giant dolls pranced in the street, accompanied by blonde young Swiss men and women, banging drums. I am sure the dragon and the strange dancing doll were Swiss too. Ah, this strange melding of cultures. The dragons,the dolls, the drum-bangers were all barefoot and I wondered how their soles did not freeze solid against the cold ground.

We returned to write, drink wine, be waited upon and to live the good life!

Grand Marche, Morges

Chinese/Swiss Dragon

Creepy Dancing Doll

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dipali said...

Amazing- this strange mixture in Switzerland of all places! Lovely photographs:)