Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 16 to the last day (Day 20)

View from study into bedroom

Tomorrow we leave this enchanted place. Despite my best intentions I didn't blog every day. There were two good reasons:

1) The Internet connection can be very slow some days, making blogging impossible.

2) Hellooo! I was here to write, not to blog (okay, so blogging is writing but you know what I mean, right?)

So...ta daaaa....the most exciting thing was that two days ago I completed the first draft of my new novel. As always there was this empty feeling but now I am revved up to edit, re-write, re-hash, but at least it's done. And that's what I primarily wanted to accomplish at Lavigny.

I am sitting in my study on this beautiful day. There is a lovely breeze and I am thinking about my three weeks here.

From the trepidation at the beginning to bonding with the other four (and I mean, bonding) a wrenching feeling at thought of leaving.

This is my room, my view, my chateau! How can others be here? In my place?

But all enchantments must come to an end, and tomorrow I head back to Geneva and to real life.

Adieu, Chateau de Lavigny!


Sher said...

Come on - you know you're missing us. BTW my next door neighbour's son's girlfriend's mother is the the columbian woman there with you just now - small world!!

Jawahara said...

You know I missed the Bircks. Of course I did. It is really a small world, huh?