Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happiness Is.....

Dipali tagged me for this and it's long overdue but I am doing it anyway. Anyway, you ask? Yes, anyway, despite the fact that these days I am feeling as happy as....well a monkey's fart? A monkey's fart, you ask, really Jawahara? To which I say, yes, can you think of anything grosser. Well, maybe a monkey's fart if your nose were taped to its butt and it was eating trash all day. See!

So despite my taped nose and the aforementioned monkey's fart I am rumagging through my memories to bring out (not "up", see?) the things that make me happy (in no paricular order):

Memories of myself at 22: When I was young and strong and tromping around in the Himalayas for months, with a backpack, a couple of books and not much else. The world seemed mine for the taking when I looked down at it from above the clouds.

He who must not be named: Not *that* one, but someone else who doesn't want to be named online and without whom I am (sappiness alert!) if not incomplete, pretty darned close.

My nieces: They are so different from each other but amazing young women who've overcome so much already. And they make me tea :-)

My nephew(s): One who used to be bratty but is now becoming a rather interesting young man ;-) and another who's the cutest.

My dog: Especially when she's silly, even when she's being a brat but mostly because she teaches me how to live in the moment and that everyone is a potential pal. She is as extroverted as I am an introvert. And I think she loves me....especially when I am handing her a bone or picking up her blue poop bag before we head out for a long walk. Hey, she's no dummy.

Walks: Especially on clear days when Mont Blanc seems touchably close, it's not cold but the wind from the Alps just barely chills my nose and cheeks, and I can't believe I am walking in Switzerland.

Reading: I read 'em all even those that others would consider trash. I always have a book with me just in case I am stuck somewhere with nothing to read. The horror! But I also read newspapers, magazines, trash, the shampoo bottles in your bathroom and other random toiletries.

Writing: It's truly orgasmic when letters form words and those words fit together so perfectly that they shine and you know that nothing needs to be changed. There is no other feeling like that.

Clean face: You know that cool, clean, pore-tingling feeling after a facial when your skin is so smooth you can't imagine that it ever breaks out adn when you vow you will keep it like that forever? Yes, that feeling.

Massage: I like all kinds but I had a hot-stone massage in Banff once that was the best. Mmmmmmm.

Food: Yes, okay, so I love food. Good, fancy food and trashy tastes-so-good-but-is-gonna-kick -your butt-tomorrow-food.

Friends: I've never been the kind of person who had large groups of friends. I have few friends because it takes time to nurture a true friendship, to work past the niceties, smooth out the differences and learn to love each other no matter what.

Conversations: Not all conversations but sometimes it seems the time, the people, the setting, everything comes together to create a meandering, lazy conversation, unbound by time, almost organic in the way it grows. These are few and far between which is why they are precious.

Afternoons: Those quiet afternoons when the sun seems static in the sky and suddenly time seems to stand still and i look outside to the unmoving grass and trees and realize that just for an instant everything is as it should be.

Random little things that require no explanation: a good cup of chai wiht some pakoras, a well-fitting bra, the little boy who waved at me at a stop light and smiled widely when I smiled at him, lazing around, that clean feeling after a long shower, long drives....and taaaa daaaaaa....a bitter-sweet shout out to CALIFORNIA, because I am always dreamin' about it.

So there's my list.

I would like to tag Aliens, Christine, Sher, and Melissa.

As always tags are not compulsory (like if they were there was any way to enforce that) so do them only if you like. Just remember to come back on here and let me know you've done it.

If anyone else wants to do it, please do so and let me know.


dipali said...

That was interesting, including the monkey's fart:)
Finally I guess it's really the little things which add up.

on Life and Literature said...

a well fitting bra --: where does find those? or once found how long do they stay that way (:

Jawahara Saidullah said...

on life....the trick is that when you find that one a bunch of them in different colors. At least you're set for a while. Otherwise they are indeed as elusive as the pots of gold at the end of rainbows.