Friday, January 25, 2008

Village People

I always feel like I live in Geneva, even though we live in a village, from where the French border is a 10 minute walk and from where Mont Blanc looms tall on clear days. And we cannot see the lake.

So yesterday, I had to drop off the car at the dealership (some computer bug sends me alarming messages like hydraulic suspension failure, 4-wheel drive failure, etc.) so i was waiting at the bus stop.

And this older gentleman wanted to know if he could get to Jussy on the the 31 bus. He was from Bangladesh, accompanying his wife on a UN trip, and while she was at work he was being a tourist. Someone told him that he should take this bus to see the countryside.

Okay, so there is a donkey and some goats at one end of our village, cows that graze almost under my window and pigs somewhere close by....I had never come to terms wiht the the fact I live in the countryside, part of the rural side. I am a village person.



dipali said...

Sounds positively bucolic.
How far are you actually from Geneva?

Jawahara Saidullah said...

7 km :-)