Friday, January 04, 2008

Surprising people: La Italia II

I am an avowed cynic, always looking at life, events and people with a slightly (okay, more than slightly) jaundiced eye. But happily despite my Scroogish side, people manage to surprise me.

On the way back from Naples and before flying out the next morning, we decided to head out to the Trevi fountain in Rome and also get some dinner. We got off the metro and couldn't remember how to get to the fountain.

It was Christmas Eve and sort of deserted. A rather prosperous looking older gentleman and his wife (girlfriend)who was in furs and diamonds, walked out of a pharmacy.

Nope, he didn't speak any English but his wife did...just a bit.

Trevi fountain?

He pointed.

We tried crossing the road, not remembering insane Roman drivers, where the car is king. We survived. They observed. We began to wait by the cross-walk.

"Senora, come, we drop you."

Really? OMG. Now I am used to poorer people being helpful in places but this guy with his cashmere coat, silk tie and his wife twinkling with gems and resplendent in fur, opening the door to his large, late-model Jaguar...he was giving us a ride?

He took us right to the fountain, then pointed it out with a smile. We wished them Buone Natale (I said that with a question mark at the end. "Close enough", the lady laughed) and Happy New Year, shook their hands, and thanked them profusely.

How's that for for some Christmas spirit huh?

I threw another coin in the fountain. Rome despite its aggravations and problems is growing on me. And on December 24th it showed me its heart...and won me over as even the Colesseum could not.

Viva Roma!


the mad momma said...

That's amazing Christmas spirit! A great New Year to you J...

dipali said...

How lovely! Happy new year, Jawahara.