Thursday, January 17, 2008

Obama, Hillary...Hillary, Obama

Random thoughts on the U.S. elections looking in from the outside:

A couple of nights ago I went to a global call-in to Hillary's campaign workers. The global part of it was quite exciting. I was part of a group of 10 in Geneva, and other callers were from Mumbai, Paris, London, Bangkok, etc.

Terry McAuliff answered questions. I quickly realized this was a jazzing up the base kind of thing. The answers to all questions involved long lectures about her "experience," "passion," "being a real person," and the fact that she was a successful lawyer before she became first lady.

How that answered the question, "Why should U.S. expats vote for Hillary?" I don't know.

Yes, U.S. expats are a state unto themselves. We pay taxes in the U.S., no matter where we live but we have no representation, unless we count the state we last lived in. That's fine but as tax-paying citizens we have no real voice, and *that* is what the caller was asking about I am sure.

I am still undecided though I'll vote for whatever Dem ticket ends up being the competition in November.

I like Obama and he is rather exciting but is there anything real underneath that perfect exterior?

I used to like Hillary...but then she became Republican light and walked away from those who really liked her.

Edwards is likeable (and pretty :-)) but sort of a lightweight.

I supposed it might come to an Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama ticket and in the end I won't have to choose.

Also, on Feb 5, there will be the first ever global primary. So, I will be voting in that. I've never voted in a primary before and it's weird that the first time I do so will be outside the country.

That's the end of my random election thoughts for now...

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