Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Don't be bloggin' idiots y'all: Part Deux

So...I got some questions (and some grief) about my previous post. The post was not to say that people should not have personal blogs (heck, I do and most of the blogs I visit all the time are personal blogs) but to be a smart personal blogger, especially if you blog under your own name. That is, if you want to.

But there are enough college kids out there who don't know that their professors are on facebook or are reading their blogs--and employees who bitch about their bosses or places of work and get reprimanded or fired--to make one realize that writing something from the privacy of one's home is no longer...well, private. If you don't want your professor to know you were out drinking the night before when you pretended to be sick and tried to get an extension, or for your boss to know that you call him an asshole and your company a blood-sucking refuge for bottom-feeders....don't put these on any online forum. At least not in any form that makes it easy to trace you.

Likewise, if you blog under your name and you don't want your husband/wife to know that you complain about them or your parents to know you are venting about childhood traumas or for your in-laws to know that you are complaining about them....mask it, camouflage it:vent, rant, bitch, complain, but be smart. If you don't particularly care that these people know the negative things you say about them (you're a braver person than I and I salute you :-) go right ahead.

On a personal disclosure note: the voyeur in me loves reading personal blogs. I love looking into other people's lives and see what goes on underneath the surface. And no, I don't act like a troll or say negative things on these blogs I visit. I *actually* get to like these bloggers and they seem to get under my skin, almost like unseen friends. But I can sometimes see how vulnerable certain bloggers make themselves and I wonder...and worry. There are so many sickos out there...not to mention more and more people who are going online that I am certainly not brave enough to put certain things out there.

But then, that may really be my own problem :-)


Nikhil said...

Sure. If you say so. After all, it is so easy for them to right click and save :)

Jawahara Saidullah said...

Ummm...not quite sure what you meant by that comment, Nikhil :-)

chandni said...

that's the beauty of blogging! The fact that u choose what goes in and what stays out...My blog has become more perosonal over time but there are things I am uncomfortable putting up...even if I were using a pseudonym......

I use my name though