Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Eating Rubies

Don't pomegranate seeds remind you of rubies? I find selecting, preparing and eating anar to be a most beautifully sensual activity.

First the slightly leathery but bright red skin. Then you crack it open and using just the proper pressure of your thumb (too much and you squish those precious jewels, too little and you don't get any seeds) you push them into a waiting bowl. They are plump yet hard, though you know that hard seed is surrounded by the most amazing sweet, tart, fresh taste. Sometimes my white bowl get stained red, as does the floor if a few seeds drop and I being the clumsy ass I am step on them. I am being bathed in red.

Then, there there are, a bowl of red, irridescent pomegranate seeds. I ate them with a spoon for lunch today. I press the seeds between my teeth and tongue, and feel the pressure build before the sweet, tart juice spurts out, bathing my throat. Mmmmmm....

So, for lunch today I am just finishing up the last of my little pigeon-blood rubies...but neither pigeon blood (yeechhh) nor rubies ever tasted so good.


Amrita said...

Yum! There's another way to get the seeds out and that is to cut the pomegranate into half or quarters, upend over a bowl, and gently tap the back with a spoon. it'll all fall out.

Jawahara Saidullah said...

Hey, I must try that. Sounds less messy. thanks!