Tuesday, October 30, 2007

These are a few of the things I miss...At this time of the Year

1. Witches diving into the grass, ghosts hanging from treets, R.I.P headstones, pumpkins and jack o' lanterns.

2. Pumpkin and pecan pie.

3. Crisp falls days not soggy, cloudy ones.

4. The cashier at the drugstore with her light-up pumpkin ear rings and truly hideous ghost sweater.

5. Buying candy in bulk for trick or treaters and sampling them all beforehand.

Yes, I miss fall in America, in the North-East especially. I miss seeing Halloween and early Thanksgiving decorations.

I did see a little girl dressed up as a witch at the airport the other day....but that almost aggressive holiday spirit is missing. Of course, when I am in the U.S. I bemoan the commercialization....but now as I go for a walk and don't see a scarecrow or a fall wreath anywhere, I miss it. Yes I do.

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