Friday, October 19, 2007

The Glory of His Smile: A *Very* Short Story

He feels the closeness as he never had before. The breeze coming in from the barely-open window of the car touches him like a balm. His hand on his shoulder guides him, carrying him past all obstacles. He is blessed.

Was the a glimpse of paradise, verdant and cool as he speeds past an empty, deserted lot? He sees himself as he was, weak. And now he is made powerful. Made righteous and whole. His cotton shirt has already soaked up the tears of his mother and sisters as they said farewell to him just fifteen minutes ago. He feels the loss of the moisture on his skin and he wavers.

He closes his eyes just for an instant. The car swerves slightly and he rights it carefully, his eyes fully open. He stops at the designated place and waits for the designated time. The hands of his watch speed up and then slow down in a strange cabaret. He prays. The hands steady and he counts down.

"I am ready," he says out loud and feels the glory of the divine smile beside him. Around him.

The car hovers in an instant of waiting silence before it explodes.

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