Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Solidarity for the unbroken human spirit

The history of my family has intertwined with the history of Burma. I remember hearing stories of the coup, of how my mother's uncle (a cabinet minister) survived the shooting of the cabinet because he was home at the time. And then he spent the next 20 years or so in prison, being let out only when his bone cancer had spread throughout. My mother remembers bombed out buildings after the war (WW II) as part of the images of her childhood.

For years, Burma has languished under military rule. And now these brave monks, protected by a fragile human shield of civilians, who refuse to lay down and die just makes me tear up

(AGI) - Yangon, 26 September - Approximately 200 Buddhist monks, surrounded by a human chain of supporters, have recommenced their marches in Yangon of protest against the military junta, according to eye-witness reports from the former Burmese capital. The march has restarted despite reports that police this morning used batons and arrested several monks in a bid to prevent the marching from restarting after the first night of curfew.


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