Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ba Ba Mouton Noir!!!

You know it's bad when Germany and Britain call you the dark heart of Europe. Oucch!
Ooh la la...here's yet another reminder that all is not as it seems...even in a land as perfect as a painting with its history of neutrality (mmm...Nazi money anyone?), fresh air (oh those fascinating consumptives and their quest for Swiss air) and chocolates (okay, they're holy, let's not go there).
Yes, this is the poster for the Swiss People's Party...and no it's not a kids cartoon. Those are three white sheep atop the Swiss flag kicking a black sheep (Baaaa!) across the border. Now some say that this poster alluded to kicking out foreign-national criminals from La Suisse.
But others see it as racist. I ask you...why couldn't that sheep have on a beret and a striped T-shirt? Or wearing clogs? Perhaps showing a row of bad British teeth? Eating a bowl of pasta?
Non!! Mon Dieu! It's a black sheep so yes, I must come down on the side of those who call it racist.
The funny thing is I've driven past this poster a few times and thought it was advertizing something for kids. It was not until the controvorsy broke that the old lightbulb went off in my head.
Not that I am shocked. Few things shock me these days.
And, oh btw, that is one agile sheep...do you see its two hind legs kicking out in tandem. That is the Jackie Chan....errrr...(wrong color)....William Tell of sheep. Except then he'd be shooting an arrow at the apple on top of the sheep's head. Never mind!
I need to brush up on my Swiss references. It's either William Tell or Heidi. And we all know what Heidi would do....milk the damn sheep...drink the frothy, warm milk (Yechhh!), make some cheese and then kick the sheep over the border. Oh man!
P.S. For all those who asked. I am fine though I have a slight whiplash (a bit like being a little bit pregnant) but I now drive like an old lady and those darned Swiss bicycles just swoosh past me. But I don't care. They can't kick me...I am in my tank-like car.

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Blogistani said...

Not all is lost, Jawahara. I saw this poster in Geneva last week. The caption in French reads "Plus de Securite", but someone had crossed out the word "securite" and written "Psychose" (psychosis)instead. As long as there are people like that in Switzerland, the racists won't win...