Friday, August 17, 2007

Love and Desperation

I found this story incredibly sad. A man, whose wife was sick with neurological problems and uterine cancer, almost blind, bed-ridden and just 75 pounds pushed her off the balcony after kissing her.

He could no longer afford to pay for her medical costs, which were in the thousands of dollars per month.

How do we make these choices? What would I do in a similar situation? What would you do?

He did not run or try to concoct a story. He just waited and told police that "she did not jump."

Read more about it here:

Is this finally the case that will put the usurous US health insurance industry on trial?

There but for the grace of God go I...and you.


Suki said...

heartbreaking. totally.

Dee said...

**Gulp** I hope Aaman doesn't ever do that to me;) Ahem...he could have divorced her, what he did was murder.

Jawahara Saidullah said...

I don't think (at least in my fevered little imagination) that it was about not wanting to be responsible for her any more. To me, I think he loved her and was at the end of his tether...and wanted their suffering to be over.

The juxtaposition of the kiss and then the killing just struck something inside me.

What will people do when they can see no other roads out?

Sujatha said...

For some reason, this story reminded me of the Gift of the Magi. It might have been that this story said as much about the lengths a human being will go to for love.

Dee said...

J, its been a long while since you posted. When do we get something new to read?:)