Friday, August 03, 2007

Kabhi kabhi kyun?

I wonder why sometimes the words come bursting out of me, like a horse unleashed, like water bursting out of a dam, the thoughts running faster than the words that capture them and my fingers try vainly to catch up, tapping away on the keyboard. So swift flash the images, so fast the words that trap them into concreteness that I can't sleep or eat or think without the caravan of words trampling through my conscious and unconscious mind.

And then, there are these times, when my feelings roil impatiently but.
But the words come out in dribs and drabs. And they are drab and cliched and so indistinct that I want to cry. Times like this. Like now. Like today.

My fingers wait, tapping the space bar, begging some words to rush through me like the wind and kiss me back to life.

1 comment:

Sujatha said...

Those were some magical words right there J.