Friday, March 02, 2007

Lightning Strikes

I've been thinking about this story I remember from my childhood.

A group of people are taking shelter from a storm in some small building. Lightning crackles, circling the building as if looking for someone specific, someone in particular. Each time the thunder crashes people cry out in panic.

Finally, one person has a suggestions. The lightning is obviously seeking out one particular individual from among them so perhaps each person can step out one by one. The lightning, which refuses to be thwarted, will get its victim but the rest of them can be saved.

Everyone agrees except one person. He is terrified. No one listens to him. One by one they step out into the night sky that is shredded apart by lightning. One by one they return, until one person is left, the dissenter.

He begs them not to make him go out. Together they can weather this storm. He cries and pleads. But no one listens.

On trembling legs he steps out into the night. The sky explodes as a long finger of lightning reaches down and strikes the building within which the rest remain, convinced of their safety.

He was obviously the only one the lightning was not wanting to strike. It was not in his fate to die that night, just as it was the fate of the others to die together. His presence was keeping them alive.

There are so many ways to read this story. I've always found it fascinating. There are lessons hidden within it.

What do you think?


Margaret said...

That is a very thoughtful story. You're so right, the morals of this story can flow in many different directions.

I'd like to say, when the guy finally decided to step out of the house - he did so with faith and acceptance. "Thy will be done" and in this - his life was spared.

But it could be anything. You should hear Dr. John's theory on this!

Top Blog Mag said...

umm, very thought provoking...