Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Realer and realer

Step by step....first I got the proofs. Seeing my own words laid out I can finally visualize the book my manuscript has become. It's strange...I see proofs for the books I edit so often and race through them, making edits, chopping, adding, changing. But it takes me 3 days before I can read past the first page without waves of self-doubt assaulting me. It's crap. I can't beleive I wrote this. Can I re-do it? Then I stoically make myself go through. There are no changes.

Then, yesterday I got the cover image, not the cover itself...just the image. I ask myself....does it fit? I select one and even though the prospect of publication is become more concrete I wonder if I am still asleep and dreaming.


Ashfaque Ali said...

Salam, you don't know me but iam acquinted with you.i 'll be straight, where is bina shah ? you might konw her. She is absent for a long time that is unusal for her. Her blog is not her any more i think!! Her site is also jammed or something else. so cay you please let me know where she in blogging now.
Sorry for posting like that But i had no other choice.

Jawahara Saidullah said...


I am not sure where Bina is. I'm sure she's busy with all that's going on in her life. Will let her know you were asking about her.


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