Thursday, November 10, 2005

California Dreamin'

I've been so busy this week because of meetings and meetings and more meetings with folks from my German office.

Yesterday they came to check out my home office. While we were finetuning the video conference set up my colleague moved the camera around my office so the people in Germany could get a tour of my space. On my old file cabinet I have a few anti-war stickers.

But the one that cracked them up (and me, every time) is:

"God was my co-pilot but we crashed in the mountains and I had to eat him."

I bought it from the Promenade in Santa Monica. *Sigh* I miss California more and more, especially as the days grow shorter and greyer and oh so depressing!

California Dreamin'

And can I say how glad I am that the Governuh of CariFornia....has been force-fed some humble pie recently?

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