Monday, October 31, 2005

Is it really just money?

I got a fat envelope from my agent on Saturday. It held the signed and executed (that sounds ominous) contract and the first part of my advance for 'BoF' from Roli Books. I know it was official before but this little check (I can have a couple of nice meals) makes my novel and my life as a writer so very real.

I can touch it. Between my fingers the paper of the check is smooth and I think my fingertips can make out the writing on it. Someone has paid me for own writing. Not a commissioned piece, not something for work...this check is for my own creativity, my linked ideas that I wrote down to make a book.

Now I can say it. Really say it, without hearing the mocking voice at the back of my head. "I am *ahem* a novelist...a writer you know."


temporal said...

congrats and a rah

Bina said...

Well done! Roli Books looks cool...any bookstore with a separate section for Kamasutra has to be cool... I got published in Bapsi's new book and I'm getting Rs. 2000 for my essay - it's not the money, it's the feeling, the exposure, and the sense of achievement. We alone know why we do what we do. The money's just not the thing. At least, not yet.

raven said...

Congratulations! When can we get copies?

Jawahara Saidullah said...

Thanks all. Raven, when it's out, I'll let you know :-). Stay tuned.