Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More than Real

I got an email from my publisher in India. My book is officially on the schedule. I feel like a writer. Finally! I'll start getting edits in a couple of months and by mid-March, or so I am told, 'The Burden of Foreknowledge,' will be real. I know it's real when I wrote it, when I read it and edited it and printed it out and mailed it.

But there is something substantial about a book with a cover and the name of a publisher that makes it real. More than real. The heft of a book, feeling the paper, tracing my fingers over the ink. And knowing that the words staring up at me are mine. This is my work.

I can't wait.

I'll be posting updates and also excerpts as we get closer to press time.


temporal said...

am delighted for you

Nowhere Nick said...

That is awesome. I am very happy for you. I would love to read it when it comes out.

Keep us posted,