Friday, August 12, 2005

Writers Clubs

I moved to Boston over a year ago from my own heavenly corner of SoCal. What I missed the most about living in California was my writing/critique group. A long-time skeptic (snob?) of groups of any kind, the psychotic loner that I am, I *loved*this group. They are supportive, great readers, talented and gifted writers, poets and critics and the coolest people around.

After moving to Boston I tried to start a group. We had one meeting. One blonder than blonde white woman who was writing chick lit dropped out after the first meeting because she wasn't sure that some of us (who happened to be Indian and ABCD) would not get her cultural references. Okayyy!

The other, an Indian male, didn't want to be in a group with get this....too many Indians. Oh well! I tried. The group scattered to the four winds.

And day while I was bitching about this on the phone someone from my SoCal group suggested I call in and we can still have our meetings, except I would be there on the phone. How cool is that? All of them even moved the meeting (from the second Tuesday of each month to the second Thursday) to work around my new work schedule.

This was the third or the fourth meeting today. Four hours of reading, critiquing, chatting and generally working on our writing. It's my oasis, my time of nothing but focusing on my writing.

I am a happy woman today. I feel energized, ready to write....raring to go.

Goodnight all!

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Nowhere Nick said...

That's nice that you could connect with your old group once again. It's nice to know people who you can bounce information off of and recieve constructive critisism from. Sorry to hear the group you tried to form didn't work out. At least you can say you tried. It's impossible to please everyone.