Wednesday, August 17, 2005

If You Find my Muse on the Road Kill Her

A few days ago I talked of finding my muse. But perhaps my muse should find me. Muses are capricious, cruel creatures (do they like alliteration, I wonder:-)

I've also discovered there is no muse for fiction writers. Where is my muse among these?

Calliope | Muse of Epic Poetry

Clio | Muse of History

Euterpe | Muse of Lyric Poetry

Melpomene | Muse of Tragedy

Terpsichore | Muse of Choral Dance and Song

Erato | Muse of Love Poetry

Polyhymnia | Muse of Sacred Poetry

Urania | Muse of Astronomy

Thalia | Muse of Comedy

My muse is a mystery, hidden, secretive. She likes the shadows, revels in the dark and loves torture. She is a sadomasochistic psychopath but I love her. A deep abiding love.

My muse is nameless and I like it that way.

My muse is the world. She is me and everyone I know and everyone I meet and every place I visit.

My muse is an evil mistress and I lick the soles of her feet, washing between the crevices of her toes while she smiles and urges me on, with cruel love. I devise ways to kill her everyday so I can trap her in my subconscious and resurrect her at will.

But a muse is Immortal and none can kill her, especially not her slave.

I call my muse by no name and yet I know she will come to me unbidden.

Till then I put her away from the center of my mind and immerse myself in life.


Nowhere Nick said...

Sounds like you and your muse needs some therapy. Maybe you two can reach common ground.


p.s. The move went pretty smoothly and I started work today...I have screwed up a couple of times with the scheduling. Classes start tomorrow so I am anxious about that. The downside to my move is that I have to mooch off of family to use the the aunt that I moved in with has no connection. I am at loss without it.

Good Luck!

Jawahara Saidullah said...

Lol...Nick, I wonder if my muse needs more therapy or I do.

Good luck with your classes. I am sure you will do really well. Takes some settling in though. without the net. I would be at a total loss. Will you be living with your aunt? Can you get a connection for yoursel while you are there?

Good luck with everything.