Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Floating Fragments

This fragment of an imaginary conversation floated into my mind yesterday. I wrote it down. But it hangs in space, nothing to anchor it. Is it part of a story? Are Rani and Sheila trying to tell me something. Is this the end of a story or the beginning of one. Or is it just complete the way it is.

“Necrosis,” Rani said loudly, emphasizing the first syllable and trailing out the last, the ‘ro’ sitting in between, like a rock.

“What does it mean?” Sheila asked.

“Something to do with the neck or something.”


“No,” Rani laughed, “something to do with death…like when something or someone starts to die.”

Sheila remained silent. Then.

“Why do you always come up with these words? Why can’t we ever practice with some other words? Nice ones, you know. Not to do with death?”

“Does it bother you? Practicing with these words? Of course it does. Necrosis, demise, death, necropsy, necrophilia…” Rani’s smile was soft, almost maternal as she looked at her friend.

“Stop.” Sheila’s voice was ragged at the edges.


Skarr said...

Interesting.. I found your blog while commenting on another writer's blog.

Good luck on your novel and you should probably post a synopsis / excerpts from the book on your site so that readers can get an advance peek and will wait for the novel to be released, once it hits book stores worldwide.

Although my work is now about to hit bookstores, I have a weird sense of exhiliration mixed with trepidation or rather, fear of the unknown. Will my novel be read? Will people really be interested in buying it? Sometimes I have to stop thinking about these things and go with the flow.

S.K said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Yes. You have a way with words. "Floating fragments" - good title for a story!

temporal said...


what i like about this is you can use it in the beginning and do a flash back or write the conventional way

do share when you finish painting

. : A : . said...

Interesting. Sounds more like a start or middle than an end.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Look forward to seeing you around.