Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Burlesque with Words

I feel as if I am stepping to a vast spider web, the threads, thin, yet so tightly intermeshed that I will not fall through. But here I am, so hello world!

It is at once exhilirating and scary. What are the lines between the public and the private? How much do I reveal? Or not?

I recently watched the documentary Pretty Things

The eroticism of nearly naked flesh, the barely-there clothes all paled in comparision to the expressions, the lightly trailed hand on ones skin, Zorita biting the skin of her own upraised arm. And yet, they remain mysterious, just out of reach, fully woman.

In a way we are all burlesque performers, engaged in an elaborate game of show and hide and then show some more. How much skin, how many emotions, how many shades? Welcome to my burlesque, webizens.

How much should I write? How many words? How often? What words should I use? What do I avoid? I am trying to do burlesque with words. And here I am.

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